Sarin in Gujarati

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General Course Objectives:

  • Student becomes a professional in sarin planning and they will learn every technique of sarin planning.
  • The student learns about the use of sarin/ all the Option & Menus of planning and marking in sarin planning, they also get all knowledge of Inclusion.
  • The student gets work as a sarine operator, as SARINE Active Part, and as a planner in sarin.

Course Content:

  • Use of Sarine
  • Diameter Wise Planning
  • Cut Wise Planning and Marking
  • Value-wise Planning and Marking
  • Knowledge of Inclusion
  • Inclusion Marking
  • Covering Knowledge
  • Parameter Knowledge
  • Active Part
  • Remap
  • Laser Marking
  • 4P Marking

How to Operate this Online Course:

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