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Hiren M. Patel
½, Kohinoor Society,
Varachha Road,
Mobile: - 9825144770
Subject: - View Before Joining the Institute.
With esteemed pleasure, I would like to give you give my opinion on the above subject.

It is my great honor to express my views. I was thinking to join this institute many months ago. But news come up to this institute thinking that if teaching is not letter than I would waste time. But before joining this institute few days earlier Piyush Gajera come up to me & said the teaching theory is much better then the other institutes. After hearing his experience I made up my mind & joined this institute.
Views: - on other joining the institute?

After joining this institute I was never treated as student. And more friendly while teaching the course. It was good that friendly behavior makes much more enthusiastic to learn with you in this institute.
Course in this institute? I took up the general polished assortment, but due to time problem I have to stick to white polished assortment only.

How much have you learnt? Completed 60% of the course in just 45 days. This says that how much you take attention on your students.

Experiences:- No such experience to tell, but as par I built & boosted up my confidence while seeing the diamonds, now I feel that now, in future I will never have to face difficulty.

View: - behavior & teaching practices Behavior is very friendly toward me. More friends then teachers & students.
Teaching practices is fabulous. I have never seen on institution teaching practically as you do.

Yours Sincerely,
Hiren Patel


Puru Agrawal have studied in many institutes for polish diamond grading but I found Arihant Diamond Institute as one of the very good institute to teach polish diamond grading with valuation. The knowledge I got here helped me to upgrade my knowledge I wasn’t satisfied with the 6500 fees. But still found good knowledge which didn’t worth thousands but its priceless. With two deferent in theory and practical techniques I found valuation good till my knowledge as I have not enter the market but I found knowledge good here in Arihant Diamond Institute.

Puru Agraval

Nikunj Dhiraj Parmar
302, Welcome Tower,
Tarwadi, Rander Road,
Phone:- 2776934

I was prepared to come here since last year but due to some to some timing problem I cant came, because I don’t want to polish whole life, I want to achieve something in my life. I got your address first from one of my brother’s friend and he gives me your phone number and I have even seen your advertisement in my cable T. V. channel. Very first day when I come here I was little bit nervous that will I be capable of doing this course but after seeing other students I got same sort of courage and confidence and even from the sir’s who are teaching me.
Now I am doing computer Planning & Marking Course over here.

In this course I have been taught how to know then Rough, about Kotex, Australian, Kelwas, Nats etc.

The Sir who teaching here are well experienced. So I feel very comfortable. From the very first day I was impressed by Piyush Sir because he brought in me so much confidence that all my nervousness got out. Alpesh Sir is also a having a good sense of humor, he can know how student feel and how much he had known while teaching Krunal Sir also good.

Thank You
Yours Sincerely,

Nitin Sharma
Flat no:- 806, Gautam Apartment,
Arihant Park Sumul Dairy Road,
Phone: - 2419228

When I was just about to join the classes of Arihant Diamond Institute I was thinking that what kind of natures will Sir have? What kind of nature do my classmates have? How will the class? Would I will feel comfortable or not? etc. After joining Arihant I was fully satisfied, that I am in right place and in right hands. I think that I was fully wrong. I feel that they all are very co-operative. I was feeling comfortable in Arihant.
Just now I am doing computer planning and marking course worth Rs.8000.

One thing I have noticed and one thing which is good about Sir is that anytime and no matter how many times you ask questions from Sir. Sir replies it very gently and in softly manner. Sir doesn’t leave the matter till there is any doubt in our mind. This is one thing which I liked most about sir.

There is no doubt in this that the nature of our sir is very gentle and soft also. And about the technique of teaching or the way of teaching or you can say the art of teaching. It is all in format. Till now I am fully satisfied with all the thing which are going on. There is nothing sad or bad in which I have learned till now except one thing. I.e. when I was learning marking a diamonds acc. I was very much confused. I was not getting that what does Sir wants to say. Still this time I am not cleared. I only understand only what Sir told me. And it will take time for me to clear about all because I am a new student in diamond class. I hope so that Sir will co-operate me.

Till now I have learn marking on coated diamond and some rough and theoretical knowledge about diamond.

There is nothing to be change in class. But I also wish that everything goes on same as new its going on. I am little bit careless and irregular in class which I must not. But I am sure I will be change my habit.

Your Sincerely
Nitin Sharma

Rajendra S. Shrivastva
Leal Darwaja, Rayli Press,
Opp. Resham Bhavan
Phone: - 2415466

To Respected sir,

Here by I am giving you my preview of yours institute called “Arihant Diamonds Class”
My opinion is as below.

Before I come here I thought that there are some students at least a group of Kathiyawadi boys. Who will never like me to join their group and all sir will treat me as the tension class but I am totally wrong now. Because here the atmosphere is so friendly every one likes to help any one. I like this class especially for my friend name “Nishant”. He is so friendly he supports so much and creates confidence in me. Thanks for him and amongst the all Sir I like more Piyushbhai cause he teaches me my very first lesson of the diamond.

I am doing the course name “Rough Planning Marking. Today I am doing the sign on cube and ceilwass kind of rough. After I admitted the class my good experience was when I am singing first time Nishantbhai come to me and checked the diamonds and told me you are doing the work very finely and give some confidence to me.
The all Sir Piyushbhai, Alpesh Sir and Kunal Sir are so friendly they are teaching me very beautifully. All of them are too good, one again thanks for all Sir.

Your Sincerely
Rajesh S. Shrivastva



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